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The Akela Crane 80 was used on the ABC Network Hit TV Show Wipeout. It was used to cover the obstacle course from start to finish. Click here to watch video!


Big Shot Remote Heads

NEW Libra Stabilized Head

The Libra is a 3-axis stabilized remote head.

bigshot.tvLibra Head package includes:

Libra Head Specs:

bigshot.tvAdditional accessories:


NEW Aero Head


NEW SL Pod Remote Head System

Fast to set up - Digital - Soft tops - Wireless - Technician not required.


3rd axis Remote Control Dutch Head

Robotic Head

Bigshot.tv Robotic HeadRobo Heads are used for mounting in grids for overhead shots, such as Poker Tournaments, Concerts, etc. Also they can be mounted on a Tripod for placement on stage or boxing rings. Rental comes complete with monitors and 2000 feet of remote control cable.